Juli 29. i 30. 2011

S.C. Krajišnik

S.C. Krajisnik founded in 1998 is one of the first Bosnian teams organized on the territory of the USA, among many other soccer clubs who will be competing on the tournament of 14. Krajiski Teferic. This soccer team competes in tournaments across the Midwest and promotes community and tradition through sports. Our soccer club has been proud to participate and represent city of Waterloo in each one of the 13 annual Krajiski Teferic, National and State competitions. As a State champions Krajisnik advanced to the Adult National Champion games played in 1999 Kentucky and 2000 Missouri State competing with soccer teams that came all over USA . In 2001 we were champions of Krajiski Teferic tournament. From club founding up to today, there were so many other trophies and championship games during 14 years of club success. This club is not only based at the adult level, our youth teams competed at nationals two years in a row at Orlando 2005 - 4th place and 2006 wining 2nd place.

2011 Iowa and Toyota cup adult open winers

2011 Toyota cup winers adult over 30

Youth soccer school